Shit on My head..

shit on my head but people say it doesn't hurt me.. is this true?

We Can Fly Together..

We can fly together..
Give me Your Hand........

My best Friend..

KiKi's Best Friend, Her puppy's name is Mika..
Mika is very Grey but very smooth and it's very cool person.=)

SmiLe , Laugh,..

Just Laugh Like ME.. all the time at everywhere.. just SMİLE...

I know You..

"I'm not a young man anymore
But i've got the face of a
19 year old
Probably be a dad soon
Sitting in my front room
With my kids, playdoe mold
But i just hold on to
What ive got
Right now
Im not who i used to be
Trust me
I've got plans everyday next week
You know your getting older " ...

YEAH!! I know you are... =) !!