Shit on My head..

shit on my head but people say it doesn't hurt me.. is this true?

We Can Fly Together..

We can fly together..
Give me Your Hand........

My best Friend..

KiKi's Best Friend, Her puppy's name is Mika..
Mika is very Grey but very smooth and it's very cool person.=)

SmiLe , Laugh,..

Just Laugh Like ME.. all the time at everywhere.. just SMİLE...

I know You..

"I'm not a young man anymore
But i've got the face of a
19 year old
Probably be a dad soon
Sitting in my front room
With my kids, playdoe mold
But i just hold on to
What ive got
Right now
Im not who i used to be
Trust me
I've got plans everyday next week
You know your getting older " ...

YEAH!! I know you are... =) !!

Disco Friends

Shes got a whole lot of disco friends,
Disco ladies and gentlemen,
Eating their faces from the inside out,
Freaky dancing til the late am,
Music slipping down the wall of sweat,
Shes catching fishies in a disco net,
Throwing kisses in the powder room,
Slowly sucking on a cigarette
She knows an awful lot of disco kids,
Novelty sun glasses and mullet wigs,
She says she wants to be a sti-earl-list,
Or maybe something in the music biz,
Daddies rich, mummies beautiful,
They always said she'd make a top model,
But now shes hiding out in disco land,
A happy clappy trust experience

Disco friends

ife is but a dream in a greater scheme, waking up is hard to do.
Even if you're quick, something holds you back, always waiting in a queue for someone,
to tell you you're broke, or you should not smoke anymore cigarettes.
Planets will align, if you give them time.
When you least expect, everything connects, even when the hope is gone there is you,
and you'll keep your name..
'Cos you are light, and in darkest night you shine.
And I guess we're doing fine, but there's no escaping our spectacular failure.

Digging in between things we've never seen, trying to find the missing links.
All these scientists are trying every trick just before the city sinks without trace.
So much we've achieved, so I hope when we leave there's a smile on our face.

'Cos you are light, and in darkest night you shine.
And I guess we're doing fine, but there's no escaping our spectacular failur

I Couldn't Open My Mouth..

Somepeople doesn't talk
Somepeople couldn't say
Somepeople can just eat..
Sometimes they can't use their mouths ..
How many times did you feel like that?
We've got no time.
How many times have i said i love you
See i don't want to talk about it, the way you broke my heart,
I hate so many things about you i wouldnt know where to start
we got no time
we got no time left at all..........

I Can Cry for You ..

No matter what I do..
All thing is you..
Today,I can cry for you ..
Just for you..
I let you go so reluctantly and I can still hear your lazy symphony
And just when I found my calling, it's another mourning morning
I used to have the strangest dreams
But they don't come here anymore
I really want you to stay but I know you have to go
I really want you to stay but sometimes it doesn't show

Rakı and Fish ..

This is for my sweet and sour chicken ..
Fish and Rakı they are just best couple in this world.
just join with them.

Please Dont eat me..

Greedy little pig
Stop just watch your world trickle away
Oh it's your problem now
It'll all be dead and gone in a few short years
Just love will open our eyes ...
Just love will put the hope in our minds
Much more than we could ever know
Don't burn the day away ..

I can eat my Town ..

I can Eat my Town ..
But if you want I can change my mind..
come to me
dance with me
talk to me
come with me..

I hope You'll come Soon

come to me baby..
When you come to me , I just want to believe ..
here is fu*ked up without you
I'll feel like ... smooth ..

The Robofic Army .. !

Robopix. and Robofix or Lolatix ..

RoBoTiC ArmY...
just choose us cos we ll fix your life.. can you believe it?..

I can Sing my SONG ALONE!!

I can sing my song all alone ..
Cos This is my song.!!

"You Don't Have to Laugh with me!"

"You don't Have to stay with me
I can understand
Just Believe me .."

Someday,Next day,...

Way too Long !!
And now my fears, they come to me in threes
So I, sometimes
Say "fate my friend", you say the strangest things
I find, sometimes
Trying, trying.
Oh someday.
I ain't wasting no more time.

KiKi comes when you stop to call Her!!

KiKi Comes When You Stop to Call HER!
KiKi loves when you really love her
She can give her heart to you ..
you can listen it.
just use your talent and see in her eyes ..

city of my teeth...

so where would we live?
where would you go?
just drunken dreams..
like the sunshine..